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Мои твиты - Alexander Ilichevskii [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Александр Иличевский

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Мои твиты [Jul. 16th, 2016|12:00 pm]
Александр Иличевский

  • Сб, 01:28: RT @DailySabah: LIVE — Head of religious authority Görmez: Protesting against the coup attempt targeting the nation’s will is a religious o…
  • Сб, 01:29: RT @DailySabah: LIVE — Former President Gül: Don't mistake Turkey with a Latin American or African country, nobody can take over with midni…
  • Сб, 01:29: RT @DailySabah: LATEST — Military helicopters have attacked headquarters of TURKSAT satellite station, State-run news agency reports https:…